Child of Mars

Title: Child of Mars
Series: Mars Ascendant #3
Published by: Fuzzy Slipper Publishing
Release Date: November 1, 2017
Contributors: D.M. Pruden
Genre: , ,
Pages: 260
ISBN13: 9780995301344

An oppresive dictator...

A mysterious orphan...

A reluctant heroine...

It is the twenty-third century and Mars is being terraformed into a new garden of Eden. But all is not well in this soon-to-be paradise. A ruthless despot has seized control of the government and rules the planet with an iron fist. A rebel force struggles to oppose his regime, but are near defeat.

A fugitive, and living under an alias, Melanie Destin is a travelling doctor, tending the suffering Martian population. When circumstances make her responsible for a young orphan, she soon discovers the girl comes with a terrifying that binds them to each other.

Persued by a ruthless government assassin, Mel must get the girl to safety before they are both captured. If she fails, the secrets hidden within the child's genes will make a dictator unstoppable and forever change the course of human history in the solar system.

Child of Mars is the third page-turning book in the sci fi thriller Mars Ascendant series. The saga explores the consequences of humanity's exploration and colonization of the solar system in the distant future. If you like science fiction with a strong female lead character, ruthless villains, mutants, clones, AI and a page turning plot, you'll love Child of Mars.

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