Mother of Mars is now published

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On February 28 I launched my second published novel into the world. Mother of Mars is the second installment of the Mars Ascendant series and was a lot of fun to write. 


One of the good things about meeting a self imposed publishing deadline is that I am becoming a more efficient writer. It took me almost a year to get The Ares Weapon from concept to ebook, while getting Mother of Mars to market only took me six months. The goal for the next book is to get even more efficient and try to launch the thing by the end of June (an increasingly daunting task since I've spent the past two weeks procrastinating instead of plotting the damned novel).

I've laid out most of the plot line and am currently struggling with how to end the book. The spirit of G.R.R. Martin keeps haunting me to kill off a character or two, but my wife was so upset by the idea of who I was thinking of offing that I'm now reconsidering the wisdom of the idea. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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